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Portfolio: Custom-Built Web Sites.
I design Web sites according to the needs of the business or organization. You may require a modest, Internet presence which can be accomplished with a few Web pages, or even a single page; or you may benefit from an extensive site with many sections and subsections.

Some Web sites are static: information is posted and it rarely changes. Other sites are dynamic, requiring frequent updates. Some sites are primarily informational: they provide site visitors with information about a company or organization, or about products or services. Other sites focus on e-commerce, where products are sold online. The content of some sites is primarily text, while other sites rely on images and need little text.

The following sites, created by Ocean Song Web Design, exemplify different types of sites. Visit a site by clicking on itís image or URL, and it will open in a new window. To return here, just close that window.
Stonehouse Vineyards & Winery. California Winery
Title: Stonehouse Vineyards & Winery
URL: www.stonehousewines.com

This site was introduced in conjunction with the winery’s grand opening. It features:
  • Online shopping
  • A Thomas Kinkade Signature Gallery
  • A color scheme consistent with the tasting room's decor
J&J Graphics, LLC. Home Graphics Business
Title: J&J Graphics
URL: www.jandjgraphics.com

J&J Graphics wanted a site that could serve as an online catalog displaying their products for their retail store customers while also providing a means for the general public to purchase online.
Quilted Bargello Wall Hangings.
Online Craft Gallery
Title: Quilted Bargello Wall Hangings

Ann Lainhart has been quilting for more than 25 years. For eight summers, she operated The Quilted Gallery at Rocky Neck Art Colony in Gloucester, Massachusetts. She now has an online business, with one Web site oriented toward quilters and this site geared toward the general public.

This site features:
  • An online store
  • An online gallery with small and large images of wall hangings
Marblehead Festival of Arts. Organization
Title: Marblehead Festival of Arts

The Marblehead Festival or Arts, founded in 1963, makes extensive use of its Web site. Features include:

  • The two-column layout facilitates placement of text blocks and photos.
  • The site provides the community with the Festival schedule and information about Festival events.
  • It provides information for artists: art submission guidelines, deadlines, and entry forms.
  • The Festival is an all-volunteer organization, and the Web site enables volunteers to sign up online.
  • The site includes private pages with information for Festival committee members.
  • It has an extensive collection of Festival photos ó something which could not be published, without great expense, in any other medium.
  • It features an e-mail newsletter, available to anyone who signs up for it.
  • A not-for-profit organization, the Festival site makes use of a secure server to accept contributions online.
  • A Web Site Directory provides alternative site navigation, providing direct access to all sections and subsections of the site.
  • The Web site serves as an online historical archive where the Festivalís history is preserved and is easily accessed.
Old Burial Hill Home Page. Photographic Virtual Tour
Title: Old Burial Hill
URL: www.oldburialhill.org

This site documents an historic graveyard in New England:
  • Photographs and commentary are presented as a virtual tour.
  • A site map provides an alternative navigation scheme.
  • Gravestone transcriptions provide a genealogical resource.
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